MSK has been improving and restoring communities through innovative civil engineering and design services for over 20 years. We enjoy working with clients of all types with varying budgets, and we handle each project with the utmost professionalism and integrity as we customize our support to individual needs and concerns.

MSK is licensed in Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. We are members of ASCE and AWWA.

Commitment to Diversity

MSK knows that the quality of our work rests on the passions, experience, capabilities and talent that our staff brings to their projects each day. We strive to create a positive work environment where our employees and clients can each feel comfortable being themselves. With this in mind, we are committed to the employment and advancement of all persons regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability status. A diverse workforce, reflective of the communities that we serve, will create the energy and innovation vital to our company’s continued growth.

Commitment to Community

MSK values projects that encourage the positive development and growth of a community through infrastructure. Our specialties include waterline planning, storm and sewer routing, and road rehabilitation, all of which are key components of a functioning and prosperous community that often go unnoticed until they need fixing. In addition to making sure that the basic amenities of modern living are in good order, MSK also works on a variety of other more “visible” projects that have an impact on the quality of life for the residents of rural municipalities. We understand the importance of connecting people and places through the creation of public recreation space and shared use pathways that tie neighborhoods to town centers. We relish working on downtown revitalization projects that drive economic development by boosting commerce and residential density within the heart of a city. Finally, we take great pride in creating beautiful housing projects (guided by community input) that enable people like nurses, teachers and single parents to live affordably. These are just a few examples of how MSK invests in the thriving future of the communities that we serve.

Commitment to Quality

MSK has earned the reputation as the preeminent engineering firm in Southern Vermont because of our consistent delivery of quality services and our excellent communication skills between staff and clients throughout all phases of a project. In both normal conditions and in circumstances that require quick thinking and immediate action, MSK carefully evaluates plans, maintains a calm and professional demeanor, and acts in a most expedient manner with prudence and forethought to the letter of the law and the benefit of the client.

Commitment to Partnership

MSK is interested in projects that have the potential for more growth after an initial stage is completed. We work with our partners to envision and execute long term planning goals and to apply for and manage multi-sourced funding streams. Collaboration is a key component to the success of these projects and we faithfully cultivate our relationships so that we can effectively and efficiently bring the projects to fruition as a team.