• Jason Dolmetsch, P.E.
    Jason Dolmetsch, P.E.
  • Eamon Mulligan, L.S.
    Eamon Mulligan, L.S.
    Chief of Survey
  • Abby Chaloux
    Abby Chaloux
    Senior Technician – Permitting
  • James Secor, P.E
    James Secor, P.E
    Senior Engineer
  • Peter Heynen, P.E.
    Peter Heynen, P.E.
    Senior Engineer – Geotechnical Services
  • Patrick Smart, P.E.
    Patrick Smart, P.E.
    Senior Engineer – Environmental Engineering
  • Ronald Lemaire
    Ronald Lemaire
    Chief of Construction Observation
  • Nicholas Ratzer
    Nicholas Ratzer
    Project Engineer
  • Andrew Rodriguez, P.E.
    Andrew Rodriguez, P.E.
    Project Engineer
  • John Schell
    John Schell
    Staff Engineer
  • Kyle Mallory
    Kyle Mallory
    Staff Engineer
  • Thomas J. Stevens
    Thomas J. Stevens
    Senior Technician – Production
  • Liam McRae
    Liam McRae
  • Josh Herrington
    Josh Herrington
  • Brett Crawford
    Brett Crawford
  • Ian Burrington
    Ian Burrington
  • Ethan Loveland
    Ethan Loveland
  • Stephanie Mulligan
    Stephanie Mulligan
    Director of Operations
  • Kate Cooper
    Kate Cooper
    Director of Strategy & Business Development