Project Description

Environmental Characterization and Soils Remediation

Silverton, CO


MSK has been assisting a property owner in Silverton, Colorado with environmental characterization and soils remediation to support development of 3.5 acres of land for residential use.


In the late 1800’s a smelter was constructed and operated on nearby lands, soils at the property have been found to contain lead and arsenic concentrations that exceed residential standards.


MSK prepared an application to enroll the property in the State of Colorado’s Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCUP), this application included an engineered design to remediate soils impacted by lead and arsenic concentrations where soils will be excavated and placed in a capped repository to be constructed on-site. MSK is currently providing field engineering to support excavation of impacted soil, construction of the soil repository, and collection of soil samples to verify the efficacy of the remediation efforts. Field work for this remediation project will be completed in October 2022.

At a Glance
  • State: Vermon
  • Cost: $7.2 million