Project Description

Road Rehabilitation & Retaining Wall



In 2015, MSK investigated a slope failure and designed reconstruction plans for the Village of North Bennington. During the initial site assessment, the retaining wall of concern on Vermont Route 67A failed. MSK conducted soil borings and laboratory testing to investigate the cause of the failure and found that voids had formed under the road. We undertook a broader assessment near the slope failure using ground-penetrating radar. Results indicated that the road remained structurally sound except where it terminated above the failed wall, where the road’s increasing pressure led to a central bulge that gave way as the voids grew.

To develop design alternatives within the flood zone that protected both the creek embankment and stream channel, MSK used the results of hydrologic-hydraulic modeling by the project subconsultant, Milone and MacBroom. MSK oversaw the construction of our chosen engineering solution, a keyed-in, boulder-stacked wall.

At a Glance
  • Client: Village of North Bennington
  • Project Dates: 2015–2016
  • USACE General Permit
  • Flood Hazard Area Conditional Use Permit
Services Provided
  • Engineering
  • Survey
  • Permitting
  • Bidding
  • Construction Administration