Project Description

Roadway Improvements in the Village of Old Bennington, VT

Fairview Street Rehabilitation

The Fairview roadway is experiencing excessive cracking and consolidation of portions of the roadway that receive vehicular loading. MSK completed a geotechnical investigation of this road in the Fall of 2022, which recommended that the road receive a full depth pavement replacement due to poor underlying base conditions.

The scope involves reconstruction of the roadway within the limits of Fairview Street in the Village of Old Bennington. This includes the removal of existing asphalt, base course, and a portion of subgrade material and the installation of processed base course aggregate, blanket drain in select location, manhole and valve box resetting, and bituminous asphalt pavement.

We also performed a field survey of existing conditions on Fairview Street to collect roadway limits, elevations, and adjacent features affecting the reconstruction of the roadway. A proposed conditions plan was created based on the pavement recommendations provided in the MSK geotechnical report. The proposed conditions plan provides reconstruction pavement limits, elevations, road drainage piping, and associated construction details.

The project is currently in the bidding process and construction is anticipated to start in July 2023.

At a Glance
  • Client: Village of Old Bennington
  • Project Dates: 2022–present
Services Provided
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Design Development
  • Survey
  • Construction Administration